Orange Models – Is my child suited to be a model?
orange models

Orange Models Orange Models loves to work with kids and their parents to help make their dream of modelling come true! Let’s take a look at a few things you should consider as a family to help you answer the question of : “Is my child suited to be a model?” First of all, you…

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Fashion Modelling Agency

Fashion Modelling Agency Finding and getting signed to a reputable fashion modelling agency is the first hurdle that an ambitious model has to face. To help make the process easier, we have answered some common questions models about fashion modelling agencies. – Which fashion modelling agency should I apply to? To find out what agencies…

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Modelling Tips

Modelling Tips Despite what others may say, modelling is not easy and a model’s first shoot may seem scary so to help ease your nerves, we’ve collected these helpful modelling tips! 1. Don’t pout – It’s not a selfie! Quite often the most experience a new model has in front of a camera is with…

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How to Become a Model

How to Become a Model   Once you have successfully built a modelling portfolio, it is time for you to become a model. Before you begin filling in your agency applications, you should do research to find reputable agencies in your location and avoid scams. A real modelling agency will never try to charge you…

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Modelling Jobs

Modelling Jobs Orange Models knows that becoming a successful model takes hard work. As a new model, you must take the initiative to apply to as many agencies and freelance modelling jobs as you possibly can. It is essential to have a complete portfolio to apply for modelling jobs. You may be tempted to apply…

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So You Want to Start Modelling?

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